Phantom Block — Alpha Build 4/11/2016

Phantom Block – 4 / 11 / 16

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  • Added new levels: Frost Weight Flurries, Cavern of the Dark Fog, Pick Your Poison, Power Plant Problems, Treasure Chest Travels
  • More polish and flair for different menus like the pause menu.
  • Bug fixes and slight updates to old levels: Tall Wall Tower and Blast Prairie got most of the changes
  • Go play it

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Michael Celani

Student of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Lead designer and programmer, head of project; composer.

One thought on “Phantom Block — Alpha Build 4/11/2016”

  1. Some suggestions:
    Note: I haven’t completed the game, although I’ve looked at most of the levels, I lost interest shortly after unlocking the treasure chest level.

    -The camera sometimes moves quite abruptly, which is quite annoying when trying to place blocks quickly while moving. It would be nice if the cursor moved with Boomer – in other words, if I put the cursor right next to him, it should stay right next to him instead of moving when the camera moves.
    -Maybe make it so the music doesn’t restart from the beginning when you respawn. This, along with fast respawn times (which you already have, fortunately), makes dying much less annoying, and this also makes the music seem less repetitive. Super Meat Boy is a good example of this.
    -An indicator of how many coins you have left to get from a level from the level select screen would be nice, even if only a coin symbol appearing once you have all coins, or something like that.

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